Fire/Smoke Detector


Atigo wireless addressable hybrid smoke and temperature detector detects the slightest whisk of smoke and minor changes in temperature. The detector serves as a warning to prevent the event of fire within seconds.

Hybrid Smoke And Temperature Detector

Hybrid Smoke And Temperature Detector

Early detection alerts by NFire Hybrid Smoke and Temperature detector can save valuable lives and property in an emergency situation. The detector is highly stable and robust with advanced features. The detector reacts very quickly to visible smoke released by smoldering fire or flaming fire.
Technical Parameters​

Zero Fuss Installation

Atigo provides professional installation services for home. We understand your unique needs, create custom solution and install Atigo smart security system for your home. Our certified experts will provide complete training to for you to get best security coverage for you home.
Atigo 24x7 Live Emergency Monitoring Service

Atigo 24x7 Live Emergency Monitoring Service

provides monitoring solutions to residential and commercial clients for its intrusion and fire alarm systems

We believe that “an alarm system is only as good as its monitoring”
Atigo EMS is manned by trained professionals who monitor all alarms generated by all Atigo alarm panels 24 x 7, 365 days of the year. Any alarm generated is pickup by custom built Atigo EMS servers based in our various global datacentres across the world. The server then uses advanced AI algorithms to classify alarm severity and required response. Atigo EMS officers respond to alarms via live call to the client and assist them through the alarm event. They are specifically trained to work with various emergency scenarios like Theft, Medical emergencies, Fire and violent crime. Over the years Atigo EMS services has many success stories in stopping many emergency situations across India